Oktoberfest en Ensenada - Gypsy Folk Ensemble

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Gypsy Folk Ensemble - Oktoberfest in Ensenada, Mexico

  Ensenada Oktoberfest

On October 18, 2014, the city of Ensenada, Mexico celebrated "Oktoberfest en Ensenada" and invited the Gypsy Folk Ensemble to provide the dance entertainment. Gypsy has performed in Oktoberfest events all over Southern California but this was something new for us. We were picked up by a Tourist Bureau bus at the California-Mexico border and driven for about two hours to Ensenada. There we were lodged at the San Nicolas Hotel.

Gypsy put on two performances of German dances for the festival and after each show got to pose for a few dozen pictures with various enthusiastic members of our audience. Then some good German food from the food booths which lined the main street for the Oktoberfest. Our thanks to Margit Gantt, representing the Ensenada German community, who made all this possible.

Some scenes from the Ensenada Oktoberfest

 Ensenada Tourist Bureau Bus
The Bus

Hotel San Nicolas - Gypsy in Ensenada
The Hotel
 Oktoberfest en Ensenada
The Food
Gypsy Folk Ensemble Dancers at the Ensenada Oktoberfest

 Oktoberfest en Ensenada Celebration

Posing for the Press
Gypsy Folk Ensemble German Dancers at the Ensenada Oktoberfest
We also got some exposure in the local media here and here.
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