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Book Greek dancers to perform in a Taverna scene

Greek Dancers for Parties, Weddings & Business Entertainment

YASOU! The Gypsy Folk Ensemble can create the atmosphere of a Greek taverna for American audiences with a program of authentic Greek dances. Are your parties a little bland? Have Gypsy spice them up for your guests with a blend of village and urban Greek dances. Or imagine a wedding reception with Greek dance entertainment. We can even lead the the wedding guests through some basic Greek dances. An office party, a club dinner, a Senior Center luncheon, or even a major corporate event can all benefit from some dances from the country that gave us the concept of democracy, the Olympic Games, and Zorba the Greek.

The Dances
From the ancient Syrto to the Hasapiko (the Butcher's Dance of Constantinople) to the martial Tsamiko, the lively Karsilamas, and the introspective Zeibekiko, Gypsy will give you a kaleidoscope of Greek folk dances from the countryside and the taverna. Dance has always been an important part of Greek life, so contact us to hire Greek dancers to make it part of your next gathering, for business or pleasure.
Greek dancers performing Syrtos at a festival
Greek dancers performing Zorba's Dance at the Los Angeles Olympics
Gypsy performing Greek dances for the
Los Angeles Olympic Games
Greek folk dancer performing Zeibekikos at a party
Gypsy Folk Ensemble - Greek Folk Dancers on YouTube
Greek Dance Company - Hire Greek Dancers for a wedding
Greek Dancers Performing Zorba's Dance at a holiday party
Gypsy's Greek Dancers performing Zorba's Dance
Who Do We Dance For?
OPA! Greek dance has been part of Gypsy's repertoire since the group was founded more than thirty years ago. Over the years we have performed at numerous Greek church and civic festials, business functions and clubs.  We have worked with several Greek orchestras and musicians in dance shows and theatrical productions.

Our dancers were also featured performing and leading a Greek dance on the "Taste of Greece" segment of an episode of the TV show Good Day LA.

Zorba the Greek
The Greek novelist and poet Nikos Kazantzakis (1883-1957) published his novel Zorba the Greek in 1946. It tells the story of a young Greek urban intellectual whose life takes a new turn when he meets the earthy Alexis Zorba. The character of Zorba was based on a real person, Giorgis Zorbas, a Macedonian Greek miner who was a friend of Kazantzakis in his younger years. The novel was translated into English in 1952, and in 1964 Twentieth Century-Fox made it into a motion picture starring Anthony Quinn (born in Mexico of mixed Mexican and Irish heritage). At the end of the movie, the young man, here turned into a half-Greek Englishman, says to Zorba, "Teach me to dance." After Zorba's reply "Dance! Did you say dance?", begins one of the most famous pieces of Greek music, "Zorba's Dance", by Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis. The dance they do is the syrtaki, a combination of the slow waterfront taverna dance "Varys Hasapikos" and the older, faster "Hasapikos", the Butcher's Dance.
Where Do We Perform?
Gypsy is ready to bring the ancient tradition of Greek folk dance entertainment to your party or event in the Los Angeles area and throughout Southern California. Contact us for more information on hiring dancers for a Greek themed party or corporate function.

The dance company can also provide Greek-costumed performers to meet and greet party or wedding guests at your function or dancers to teach and lead some Greek dances.
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