Folk Wedding Plummer Park - Gypsy Folk Ensemble

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Gypsy Folk Ensemble - Folk Wedding

On July 18, 2010, the Gypsy Folk Ensemble took part in the Folk Wedding event at Plummer Park in Los Angeles, a project of the Los Angeles Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM). The program celebrated the universal values of family, love, and commitment to one another. Gypsy performed suites of Estonian and Armenian dances. The group also joined in for a tradiitional Maypole twining along with the other performers participating in the event. More pictures and videos can be found here.

  Folk Wedding - Estonian Dance

Dances of Estonia
      CAFAM Event - Estonian Couple
Armenian Men's Dance - Shalakho
Armenian Men's Dance - Shalakho

Twining the Maypole - Folk Wedding Event for CAFAM
Twining the Maypole

Armenian Couple
Armenian Couple Dance
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