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Polynesian Lu'au Entertainment - Dances of Hawai'i, Tahiti and the Maori people
Some two thousand years ago, intrepid voyagers from the western fringe of the Pacific sailed out into the unknown. Early adventurers came to the islands of Tahiti and a thousand years later made their way north to the Hawai'ian islands. A couple of hundred years after that discovery, canoes landed on the islands of Aotearoa, today's New Zealand. Along with many other island settlers, these are the people of Polynesia.

Polynesian Luau Dancers For Parties
Polynesian Luau Dancers for a party or wedding

ALOHA! Take your summer Luau or theme party up to the next level - the Gypsy Folk Ensemble will bring you the entrancing music and dances of the rich cultures of the Polynesian people.

The hollow call of the pu invites you to a special Polynesian Luau experience:

The Hawai'ian hula is here, with its musical implements and its intricate movements telling its story, ancient or modern. Here too, you can find the lure of the exotic isles of Tahiti with their grass skirts, energetic hip-swaying dances, and hypnotic drum rhythms.

The Maori people of New Zealand also beckon with the fierce challenge dance or haka of the men, the graceful lines of the poi ball dance, and the stories of the action dances where each movement has a meaning.

Gypsy has been providing Luau and other dance entertainment for more than 25 years in Southern California. Contact us now to hire Polynesian dancers for your next Luau party.
  • Birthday Parties
  • Graduations
  • Festivals
  • Weddings
  • Senior Centers
  • Product Promotions
  • Company Parties
  • Trade Conventions
  • Award Ceremonies

Hawai'ian Dancer
The sound of the pu calls ...

Hawai'ian Luau Dancers

Hawai'ian Dancers
 Polynesian Luau - Tahitian Dancers
Tahitian Dancers
 Polynesian Luau Dancers - Maori
Maori Dancers
Suggested Luau Packages
Here's a sample of some of our Polynesian Luau dance shows that have been especially popular with our clients, but we can also create a presentation just for you to fit your particular needs and budget.
Length: 15-20 minutes

1-2 Hula Dancers

Just right for small parties and gatherings
Length: 30-45 minutes

2 Hula Dancers (with costume changes & audience participation)

Our suggestion for birthdays & graduations or a private Luau party

Length: 30-45 minutes

2 Hula Dancers plus a Ukelele player (with costume changes & audience participation)

Add a bit of variety to a small Luau or Hawai'ian themed party
Length: 30-45 minutes

3 Hula Dancers (with costume changes & audience participation)

Great for a wedding, convention, business promotion or any other event
     Hawai'ian Lu'au wedding - Lei Presenter
Length: 45-60 minutes

5 Hula Dancers plus musicians (with costume changes & audience participation)

Complete Polynesian Luau entertainment for major corporate events
     Polynesian Luau - Ukelele Player

To add something extra to your Luau, we can bring you a Hawai'ian orchestra to play theme music for your guests before or after the featured dance presentation.

We can also provide costumed lei greeters or an emcee to preside over games and contests for your Hawai'ian Luau. Contact us now to hire dancers or musicians for your Luau party.
     Polynesian Luau Dancer
Hawai'ian Musical Implements
Historically, most Hawai'ian musical instruments, or implements, used to accompany dance were percussive. Gypsy's Hawai'ian hula dancers employ three of these implements in our Polynesian Luau shows: the ipu, or gourd, hit with the hand, the 'uli 'uli, a rattle type of gourd decorated with feathers, and pu 'ilis, split bamboo sticks which are hit against each other or on the dancer's shoulders.
    Polynesian Luau - Ipu         Hawai'ian Lu'au - 'Uli 'Uli          Luau Party - Pu 'Ili

               Ipu                                   'Uli 'Uli                                     Pu 'Ili
Hawai'ian Dancer with Ipu

Polynesian-Flamenco Fusion
Add a unique and individual touch to your function with our new Polynesian-Flamenco Fusion program. We combine two stirring dance styles from opposite ends of the globe, the lyrical grace of Hawai'ian hulas and the fiery Gypsy tempos of flamenco dance and music. Contact us to book this exciting new dance concept and bring a special look to your Luau party!

Polynesian-Flamenco Fusion - Flamenco Dancer
       Polynesian-Flamenco Fusion - Hawai'ian Dancers
Where Do We Perform?
Gypsy's Polynesian dancers are available for hire for parties and luaus in Los Angeles, Orange County and other areas in Southern California. Contact us now to bring exciting dance entertainment to your Polynesian Luau party. We can also provide a costumed greeter or lei presenter or a strolling ukelele player.
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