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Activity Programs for Seniors in Retirement and Nursing Homes
in Southern California

What Can We Provide?
The Gypsy Folk Ensemble offers a series of creative dance shows with holiday themes specially designed for senior facilities in the Los Angeles area and Orange County. The presentations are 45 minutes in length and can be provided by one, two, or three couples depending on budget considerations. They are intended for activities in retirement homes and apartments, convalescent hospitals, skilled nursing homes, assisted living units, rehab centers and memory care units.

Each of our shows has dance and narrative content appropriate for a major holiday during the year and gives activity directors the opportunity to bring something new and different to a senior citizen entertainment and enrichment program. All of our dancers are professional artists with broad experience working in senior entertainment.

A World of Entertainment
Our dance shows range from an International New Year celebration to St. Patrick's Day, Cinco de Mayo, an American dance party for the Fourth of July, and dances of Polynesia for the summer. We continue through the calendar with Oktoberfest, Halloween and finally, a festive show which commemorates the various December holidays celebrated in California. We can even offer a Belly Dancer for a special Father's Day program. See the full description and schedule of our offerings at our Holiday Shows listing and contact us now to book our dancers for your activity program. Book early for major holidays!

Luau Party - Nursing Home entertainersLuau Party - Teaching a Tahitian DanceRetirement Home Entertainers for OktoberfestOktoberfest EntertainmentAssisted Living Facility Entertainers
Nursing Home Halloween Party
Senior Entertainment - Orange County Retirement HomeCountry-Western Dance ShowNursing Home Activity - Luau Party DancerPolynesian Luau - Maori Poi Balls
Hire Assisted Living Entertainment - Irish Dance
On St. Patrick's Day     -
Nursing Home Entertainment - Activity Program Dancers
    Everybody is Irish!
Assisted Living Entertainment - Halloween - Los Angeles CountyTransylvanian Halloween Show at a Retirement Home
The Gypsy Folk Ensemble began its outreach performances for senior facilities in 1990 with a series of Oktoberfest dance shows for retirement and nursing homes. Over time we expanded our offerings and now provide a variety of entertainment throughout the year. In the more than 25 years since 1990, Gypsy has brought stimulating and professional senior entertainment programs to literally hundreds of retirement, nursing and convalescent facilities.

Our dance company performs mainly in the greater Los Angeles region and Orange County but we do occasionally tour in other locales. For activity directors of facilities that are outside the Los Angeles-Orange County area we may still be able to accomodate you if you can arrange with other nearby senior facilities to schedule two or more performances on the same day. But remember, our schedule fills up quickly for our more popular holiday shows, so be certain to contact us early to hire entertainers for your facility.

Special Theme Programs for Senior Living Facilities

In addition to our regular holiday-themed shows for seniors, Gypsy can provide a presentation with a special theme or dances from a particular region or country. Let us know what special subject your facility or your parent company would like and we can most likely adapt our programs to fit your needs. Below are some snapshots from our shows depicting "Broadway Musicals."
Hire Retirement Home Entertainers

Scenes from "South Pacific"
Hire Convalescent Home Entertainment
Hire Nursing Home Entertainment

Cowboy dancin' from "Oklahoma!"

Retirement Home Entertainers - Assisted Living Assisted Living residents in Santa Monica learn the Hula

Enriching Senior Entertainment - Santa Monica
Special theme entertainment - Los Angeles Nursing Home

Bottle Dance from "Fiddler On The Roof"
Hire Nursing Home Entertainment Orange County
Activity Program Entertainment at a Retirement Home
Ladies and a Knight from "Camelot"
Activity Directors: You can view or print an illustrated color schedule (in pdf format) of our most popular seasonal and holiday shows for retirement and nursing homes here.
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